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GameStop: What the fuck is going to happen to the Space Apes?

Space Apes around the globe rejoiced upon news that GameStop’s rocket engines had ignited and were ready for blast off in the late market hours of February 24th, 2021. The Sophisticated Investors (hedgies) intentionally made things complex so Space Ape get confused and be filled with FUD. After a previous failure to launch, many Apes

deepfake, scary AI, dangers of deepfakes

Deepfakes continue to improve despite obvious dangers

Imagine waking up one morning to a slew of text angry and concerned text messages. “I’m worried about you, call me as soon as you get this,” reads one. “Wow…can’t believe you’d post that. Tbh, im in shock and not sure how i feel about you rn,” says another. Email notification: Boss scheduled a last-minute

For the love of God: COVID-19 spreads through meat consumption and handling

We have been saying this for more than six months: COVID-19’s main source of unchecked spread is meat. While there is undoubtedly some person-to-person spread, the main vector is meat. There is overwhelming evidence. Why major media outlets are failing to report on this is a major question. But here we take a look at

Anti-science movements in America aren’t that surprising

Science and the scientific method are among humanity’s highest achievements. Through it, we’ve saved millions of lives, learned about the universe, and unlocked new potential. In it’s purest form, it’s among the noblest pursuits. Science’s missing integrity But it has become corrupted, oftentimes by the very people who purport to be its stewards. In fact,


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