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Late-stage capitalism is killing my relationship

All good things come to an end. Looking back into the archives of human history, we see patterns and cycles that have similar fundamental dynamics playing out over and over. Things might look bleak sometimes, but in reality, we’re lucky. In the past, when things have reached this point, this point at which we’ve outgrown the systems and standards we put forward by our parents, our grandparents, and our grandparents’ parents, there has been a destruction phase. War, revolution, and bloodshed have been the hallmarks of the turning juncture in the cycles of life and it’s collective counterpart, civilization, sure

For the love of God: COVID-19 spreads through meat consumption and handling

We have been saying this for more than six months: COVID-19’s main source of unchecked spread is meat. While there is undoubtedly some person-to-person spread, the main vector is meat. There is overwhelming evidence. Why major media outlets are failing to report on this is a major question. But here we take a look at the evidence, sources linked in-line include the CDC, Johns Hopkins University, the WHO, and other trusted sources. Look at the evidence; see for yourself. Outbreaks don’t correlate with large gatherings So-called super-spreader events tend to be food centric. Weddings, small gatherings, in restaurants: Places where

Trump and McConnell are aligned on need for stimulus

It’s pretty clear that Republicans don’t want to pass stimulus. It’s not about national debt. Though they often position themselves as the ‘fiscally responsible’ party, the numbers say otherwise. Republicans have contributed to the nation’s growing I.O.U. bill, possibly even more than Democrats. It always comes down to motive. That tends to fall into one of three things: reelection, personal gain, or representing the people that elected them. If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that the third is the least common. Stimulus check fiasco At first glance, it may seem like Trump is sweeping in and

Correlation can damn well mean causation

There is a strange phenomenon happening in which strong statistical analysis across multiple dimensions is dismissed with the cliched scientific counter: ‘correlation does not mean causation.’ It’s true. There are correlations that are random and unrelated. An example of this might be that dog grooming appointments and subscriptions to the Wall Street Journal both increased at the same rate every month for a year. They’re correlated, but one does not beget the other. But there are also degrees of correlation. When there are multiple, strong correlations based on vast amount of data, that’s usually pointing to something. I say this because I have had

There’s Something COVID-19 Hotspot Countries Have in Common

Despite reports of a deadly virus tearing through Wuhan, China in December, Americans carried about their business unbothered. After all, deadly viruses seemed to many of us the plight of far off places that aren’t as ‘developed’ as we are — poor sanitation systems, lack of access to adequate health care, or a host of other things that both differentiated and protected us from such things…right?